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[column width="47%" padding="6%"] Let's remind ourselves of the obvious - Superman was a comic-book hero! His red cape doesn't exist and while that x-ray vision thing would be pretty cool, it ain't gonna happen. Capice? Yet, somehow in the realm of leadership mythology there is an illusion that emasculates scores of people who [] have legitimate capacity to influence others. that illusion? true leaders a rare breed of exceptionally gifted people able to make others and organizations to leap tall buildings with a single bound. It's time to tell ourselves the truth: there are NO RED CAPES. There is no secret source of super-leadership heroism. You don't have to be a super-hero in order to live a life of world changing influence. It is a profound lie that says, ‘since I'm no super-hero, I must not be much of a leader. " The secret is not in some supernatural ‘red-cape' ability, but in applying critical practices that leaders have learned to live by. There are lessons that leaders have learned which shape their behavior and their well-being. They are practical, spiritual, and attainable. NoRedCapes. com is a personal project dedicated to the notion that every new insight, skill, and paradigm increases a leader's capacity for influence. It is an online journal of resources, leadership lessons, and best practice ideas from my own personal experience. [/column] [column width="47%"] Each issue will focus on a theme and resources you can use with those that you lead. It is my desire to empower men and women like you who lead teams , churches, businesses, schools, even families. It is for people like you who are given daily opportunities to shape the lives of others and through them the world. How I got started journaling the lessons that will populate noredcapes. com is another story, but it is my hope that over time you will add to this effort. I would love to see this site serve as a catalytic hub of collaborative learning with many contributors and that it resources leaders in a profound way. So, add your comments regularly and when you find you have a journal entry to submit, send it to me. I actually believe that God never teaches us anything for our benefit alone. What he has entrusted to us is meant to be given away to others. And I guess I should be forthright. While I think that most of the lessons to appear here should apply whether you are a business owner or a bible-teaching pastor, I believe the intersection of life and leadership is a deeply spiritual place. These lessons were learned as I have sought to follow and learn from Jesus-the greatest leader of all time. That bias will be evident-some times more than others-and I make no apology. Signature of Gary Mayes [/column]

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